Hal-hal seputar penguaraian doctrinal yang memberi pengertian dengan berdasar kepada prinsip “Total Scriptura, sola Scriptura”





If Reformation Had Been Enough ?

By: Jannus P. Sihombing.


Apakah perlu ada pembaharuan (reformasi) ? Darimana dimulainya ? Pengertian secara teistik dalam pengenalan akan dasar keimanan. Mengetengahkan dan mengaktualkan dasar dari apa yang diyakini. Apa yang sebenarnya harus dan tetap menjadi dasar, ketika bahasannya memang menjadi cakupan doctrinal; sebuah bahasan yang mengetengahkan representasi keagamaan. Problem bias dari kebudayaan untuk bertumpu pada asumsi keimanan yang hanya pada Reformasi,. ketika pembaharuan itu dibutuhkan pembaharuan dalam cakupan dan kehadiran gereja ?

Keyword; Reformation, Doctrine, Church,

Reformation to presented out from old order and return the main formation in early 16th century. Rise with brevity Luther nailed theses to God orientation be the first creed with the three sola, that is sola fide-just faith, Sola gracia-just grace, sola scriptura-bible alone as resource with resume from 95 section; happen in the Wittenberg gate church on October 15, 1517. shortly as the new period of the church existence and also to extensively the social order, is not only just many varieties of the denomination, but accurately with historical sign to earlier modern era; receive as common opinion.

If the reformation first step or continually as evolution toward the perfect situation what the essence criteria to signing and showing that ? The church domination without God Word authenticity and making of buried with face of religion. Depending with church leader as major to set all aspect in the society. Deviating with the absolute of power from Pope as the totalitarian authority and also ministry order, reformation as crest in the scope of rehabilitated with the impact to the life order.

The rise with resist as returning the main doctrine, with Luther as St Augustine ‘follower monk’ to struggle with justification by God and to provide just by the faith. As spiritual seeking to found in God confession eligibility, Luther return to Bible understanding and include the interpretation problem as we can called the malfunction in Church function as god vice to describe the providence of God trough word of God proclaiming. Arose is not simplification understanding and also impact for advancement is Reformation with Luther action enough ? Or need the process to added till the perfect aims. Surely involve with the church presence as subject to provide and what the indications that can help. Discourse for philosophy matter participate in these ages with the usual participate in scholar discourse.